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I wrote a song called ENGLAND that starts with the line “I watched the raindrops fall running down the garden wall, Summer’s here and sneaky storms attack the flowers and soak the lawns, this is England after all “

I was wondering how many other songs have rain in them.

Rain Dogs by Tom Waits is a favourite:

“Inside a broken clock Splashing the wine With all the rain dogs Taxi, we'd rather walk Huddle a doorway with the Rain Dogs For I am a Rain Dog, too” Copyright Tom Waits

In the Official Singles Chart, 102 songs with 'Rain' in their title have charted inside the Top 40 with many hundreds released but didn’t chart so well and many thousands of rain songs written and not released so it is clearly an area for lyric inspiration. It is not all gloomy though as some are meant to be uplifting like SINGING IN THE RAIN.

They must have a lot of rain songs in Colombia, the rainiest place in the world. The UK comes in at 74th in the table.

Umbrella’s come in handy too not just for the odd rain storm, Beyonce made millions from her song Umbrella and she is from Houston, Texas, not a rainy place.

Have you got a favourite rain song?

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